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AarhusKarlshamn, USA Inc.

Work 2520 Seventh Street Road Louisville KY 40208 Work Phone: (502) 636-1321 ext. 101 Website:
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Abby Candles Inc.

Work 4201 N. Old Street Road – 3 Muncie IN 47303 Work Phone: (765)282-3594 Work Fax: (765)282-3521 Website:
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Photo of Agilex Flavor & Fragrances, Inc.

Agilex Flavor & Fragrances, Inc.

Work 140 Centennial Avenue Piscataway NJ 08854 Work Phone: 800-542-7662 Website:

Agilex – we’re the newest name in the fragrance industry. Our name combines agility and excellence, qualities that along with passion, describe the way we perform at every level of our company.

Our signature line says it all…

Agility that makes it possible to fullfill our customer’s needs, regardless of their size…

Passion and enthusiasm that is evident in the way we practice our craft, a driving force behind the entire Agilex organization…

Excellence in prodcuts and services that surpass the ordinary…

Agilex was formed through the integration of six well-established companies, known for thier exceptional flavor and fragrance products, proprietary technologioes, exemplary service and entrepreneurial spirit. In November 2010, Agilex divested it’s flavor division and is now in prime position to focus on its substantial fragrance capabilities, the company’s core business since it was founded.

We are confident that you will recognize us as a supplier brand that is signifigantly different, and signifigantly better, in the way we do business as we combine big-company resources with small-company values.

Agilex is a fragrace supplier with agility, passion, and excellence to grow and expand our resources without ever compromising the commitment we have to be accessible and responsive to our customers’ needs.



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Airabella, LLC

Work 8801 Jameel Road Suite 180 Houston TX 77040 Work Phone: (713)934-8500 Work Fax: (713)934-8507 Website:
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Photo of Alene Candles Inc.

Alene Candles Inc.

Work 51 Scarborough Lane Milford NH 03055 Work Phone: (603) 673-5050 Website:

Alene is a full-service contract and private-label manufacturer of superior custom-designed filled candles for the gift, cosmetic and retail markets. Our industry expertise has allowed us to produce for some of the world’s best-known brands. We pride ourselves in exceeding quality and delivery expectations, and in our ability to customize solutions across a range of candle and home-fragrance products.

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Photo of Alpha Wax USA Corporation

Alpha Wax USA Corporation

Work 228 E 45th Street Suite 9E New York NY 10017 Work Phone: (630) 871-1095 Website:

Alpha Wax USA provides high quality waxes and blends to meet each customer’s unique situation “Your problem, Our challenge”. Cat Alpha Wax USA we use innovative creative solutions and specialize in supplying the right wax in a flexible and efficient manner. Alpha Wax, your Global Wax Partner.

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Photo of Anchor Hocking Company

Anchor Hocking Company

Work 519 N. Pierce Avenue Lancaster OH 43130 Work Phone: (740) 681-6037 Website:

Anchor Hocking offers an extensive and diversified line of glass products for special markets. Our vast line of products provides on-trend styling and solutions that take into account the unique aspect required for candle processors.

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Anomatic Corporation

Work 8880 Innovation Campus Court New Albany OH 43235 United States Work Phone: 740-522-2203

Started in 1965 and based in New Albany, Ohio, Anomatic Corporation manufactures anodized aluminum candle lids. With the addition of its Innovation & Design Center, Anomatic has the ability to create prototypes in just 24 hours.

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ARC International North America

Contact: Jim Peters
Work 901 S. Wade Boulevard Milleville NJ 08332 Work Phone: (856) 327-4800 Website:

ARC International North America manufactures and sells soda-lime glass and decorated soda-lime glass. Markets include: business to business (decorators, candles manufacturers), consumer goods, and food service.

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Arthur Weissbach GmbH

Contact: Michael Kotzian
Work Bellingerstrasse 14 D-36043 Fulda GERMANY Work Phone: 011-49-661-9431-0 Website:

Arthur Weissbach is a privately-owned, third-generation company with about 60 employees, specializing in a wide range of candle-making and candle-packaging equipment including: powder drums, molding machines, filling & dipping lines, hydraulic stamp & piston presses, mechanical rotary presses, drawing plants, and carton assembly. All equipment is made to order, and is designed and constructed with the customer’s ultimate needs in mind with quality of construction of paramount importance.

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Photo of Arylessence, Inc.

Arylessence, Inc.

Contact: Cynthia Reichard
Work 1091 Lake Drive Marietta GA 30066 Work Phone: 800-553-2440 Website:

Arylessence is a leading marketing and creatively driven U.S.-based fragrance and flavor company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Arylessence works in close parnership with its clients to develop inspired, winning fragrances and flavors that turn products into brands and transform consumers into passionate, loyal fans. In addition to unparalleled client support in the areas of R&D, technical services, client services, creative perfumery & evaluation, marketing, and logistics; Arylessence offers an industry leading three-day lead time from order date to shipment date.

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Photo of Atkins & Pearce Inc.

Atkins & Pearce Inc.

Contact: Dustin Sinclair
Work One Braid Way Covington KY 41017 Work Phone: (859) 356-2001 Website:

Atkins & Pearce is a leading producer of high-quality candlewicks with over 180 years of experience and dedication to the candle Industry. Whether the customer needs raw spools or wick that has been waxed and tabbed, Atkins & Pearce’s long-term commitment toward customer satisfaction and technical innovation provides assurance to customers that they are creating the best candle system possible. We are proud to say that Atkins & Pearce wicks are at “The Heart of Great Candles.”

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Photo of BASF Corporation

BASF Corporation

Contact: Beth Earnst
Work 11051 Steele Creek Road Charlotte NC 28273 Work Phone: (704) 587-2597 Work Fax: (704) 587-7920 Website:

As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF helps formulators deliver sustainable, innovative solutions that meet and exceed performance requirements. We offer a depth and breadth of technologies and cross-functional teams with expertise in chemistry, applications, and formulations. Our major product lines that support the candle industry include Irganox antioxidants, Tinuvin UV absorbers, and hindered amine light stabilizers.

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Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

Work 500 Academy Drive Northbrook IL 60062 Work Phone: (847) 291-8300 Website:
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Photo of Belle-Aire Fragrances, Inc.

Belle-Aire Fragrances, Inc.

Work 1600 Baskin Road Mundelein IL 60060 Work Phone: (847) 816-3500 Website:

Founded in 1982, Belle-Aire is a full service fragrance house offering the latest in perfumery and technology along with excellent service. Our marketing assures our customers are at the cutting edge of emerging trends. Our dedication to creativity and technology gives you Belle-Aire fragrances, the ultimate boutique fragrance house.

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Bert Company

Contact: Robert Dobbs
Work 260 Bennett Drive Pulaski TN 38478 Work Phone: (502) 314-5602 Website:

Since 1930, Bert-Co creates and manufactures folding cartons and specialty packaging for luxury markets, including beauty, consumer products, distilled beverage, gourmet food, and entertainment industries. We continue to bring freedom to designers and brand owners to design packaging like they have imagined.  We bring new coatings, unique substrates, innovative structures and great shelf presence.

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Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP

Contact: Garett Huber
Work 2780 Waterfront Parkway East Drive Suite #200 Indianapolis IN 46214 Work Phone: (317) 328-5660 Website:

Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. is a leading independent producer of high-quality, specialty hydrocarbon products. With product lines that include both naphthenic and paraffinic oils, aliphatic solvents, synthetic lubricants, fuels, white mineral oils, waxes, petrolatums and hydrocarbon gels, Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. has one of the most diverse specialty hydrocarbon capabilities in the world. For more information visit us online at or at our booth at the 2014 NCA Conference & Expo.

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Photo of Candle Artisans, Inc

Candle Artisans, Inc

Work 253 E. Washington Avenue Box 190 Washington NJ 07882 Work Phone: (908) 689-2000 Website:
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Photo of Candle Solutions

Candle Solutions

Contact: James Becker
Work 115 Pelican Way Midway KY 40347 Work Phone: (606) 526-5756

Candle Solutions provides consulting services to the candle industry, including expert witness consulting in candle related lawsuits, and technical expertise in the production, R&D and QC of candle products and production processes.

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Photo of Candle-Lite, Inc.

Candle-Lite, Inc.

Work 10521 Millington Court PO Box 42608 Cincinnati OH 45242-0364 Work Phone: (513) 563-1113 Website:
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