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Contact: Jill Belasco
Work 17120 Kingsview Avenue Carson CA 90748 Work Phone: (310) 639-3990 Work Fax: (310) 639-3989 Website:
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CoScentrix specializes in home and fine fragrance products. The company is owned and managed by professionals in the fragrance and cosmetic industry with expertise in design, product development, marketing and manufacturing. Based on custom specifications, CoScentrix can develop innovative fragrance products from the most modern of interpretations to traditional impressions. With an experienced research and development staff and a cutting edge design department, CoScentrix provides all the ingredients necessary to take your project from concept to reality.  The Company’s home fragrance offerings include all types of potpourri and candles, diffusers, scented sachets, room sprays, oil lamps, refresher oils, incense and more.

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