Benefits of NCA Membership

  • The NCA is the world’s leading authority on candles and candle manufacturing, and the only U.S. organization working solely on behalf of the candle industry.
  • The NCA monitors regulatory and safety matters of key concern to candle manufacturers large and small, and their suppliers, and communicates to members as events unfold.
  • NCA’s Annual Conference and Expo is the US candle industry’s largest single annual event for manufacturers and suppliers. This meeting offers technical presentations, regulatory updates, and small-group workshops on issues of importance to the candle industry. The Expo features suppliers of wax, wicks, fragrance, additives, testing laboratories, and more. There is also an annual Golf Event! NCA members enjoy discounted registration and exhibiting fees.
  • The NCA provides its members with a forum to network with each other to build stronger business-to-business relationships.
  • The NCA proactively sponsors research to demonstrate that candles are safe to use. NCA Members have immediate access to research results.
  • Since 1986 the NCA has successfully defended the U.S. Department of Commerce’s tariff on imported petroleum wax candles from China, to ensure a level playing field for U.S. candle manufacturers large and small.
  • NCA Members continually work on improving candle and candle accessory safety standards through ASTM committees.
  • The NCA works closely with the European candle industry to harmonize U.S. (ASTM) standards with the EU (CEN) standards, to facilitate sales of candles overseas.
  • The NCA’s website,, actively promotes the safe and enjoyable use of candles to consumers and the industry, and serves as the single most comprehensive online knowledge resource on candles. Each month, over 15,000 visit the site.
  • NCA serves as the voice for the U.S. candle industry before regulatory bodies in North America in matters involving candle safety, environmental quality, and trade.

To become a member of the only organization working on behalf of the candle industry, complete the membership application and return with indicated dues payment to NCA.