Safety Tips for Candle Decor

Special event season is right around the corner with weddings, showers, anniversary, and graduation parties already being planned. The “wrapped” candle look is currently a very popular design for candle centerpieces and the NCA has a word of advice for keeping them safe!

When planning the decorations for your event, we caution as to the use of any flammable materials wrapped around pillar and votive candles.  That pretty fabric and ribbon décor could easily catch fire and turn an important day into a sad one.

If you do wish to add a paper, fabric or ribbon accent to your candle centerpiece, we suggest using a glass candle holder or a filled glass candle jar for your base.  The glass container will provide a barrier and be a safety measure to keep the flame away from the flammable material.

Candles and candlelight are an important part of every celebration.  Please use them safely!