Safe Use of Hot-Plate Candle Warmers

The NCA Safety Communications Committee recommends an “either/or” approach when using a hotplate-type candle warmer.  You should either burn the candle in the traditional manner, or use a candle warmer – not both.

Candles are formulated to be lit and burned. The flame causes a wax pool to form and in turn, emits the lovely fragrance you are expecting from your scented candle.

If you are looking for a flameless fragrance delivery system, and wish to use a candle warmer with a glass jar candle, the NCA recommends that you should never light the candle during or after candle warmer usage. Once you use a glass jar candle on a candle warmer, it should be used exclusively on a candle warmer.

Alternating between burning the candle with a flame on one occasion, and then heating it with a candle warmer on another occasion, can cause unwanted changes to the candle and further lead to breakage and potential property damage. Such practice can also cause an off-center wick that might impinge the sidewall of the candle, or the expansion process of the wax may cause unwanted breakage.