4 Ways to Keep Your Calm with Candles

Whether it’s work-related or personal, stress can take a serious toll on our well-being. The good news is that candles offer various soothing and healing properties that can help keep the peace. Here are four ways to set the stage for relaxation with candles.

1. Watch the flame.

A lit candle can help shift your mood from stressed to serene. All you need to do is focus your attention on its flame. 

Next time you have a stressful day, try lighting a candle, watching the flame, and simply breathing deeply for a few minutes. Even just 60 seconds of your time can go a long way!

2. Go for gentle light.

To avoid taking stress home with you, make sure that your living space emits a sense of relaxation. Warm, soft light is an easy way to accomplish this. Simply swap bright bulbs or fluorescent lighting for a candle’s gentle glow.

As you begin introducing more candle light into your home, make sure to check out our candle safety tips to ensure that you’re steering clear of fire hazards!

3. Spark positive thoughts.

Many behavioral studies have found that scents can trigger vivid emotional memories, and a sentimental moment can be just the mood boost you need during a not-so-uplifting time.

When you’re feeling especially down, try lighting a candle with a specific scent that reminds you of a happy memory or someone you love. This can help you let go of your current frustrations or hardships, and encourage you to be grateful for all the good in your life!

4. Make it a habit.

According to global trend expert Patti Carpenter, candles have expanded to serve a more meaningful and regular role in people’s lives. This means that candles are making a special appearance in personal rituals and wellness habits.

Jumping on this trend can help you become more mindful of the present task, and less distracted by tomorrow’s to-do list. Try lighting a candle during a regular ritual, such as your morning cup of coffee or your nightly skincare regime.

For busy parents navigating back-to-school chaos, light a candle to savor those rare moments of alone time – perhaps early in the morning or after the children’s bedtime. This can help you truly savor the scarce “me time” and unwind!

For more ways to enjoy candles, check out our Expert Tips. For best practices on candle use, check out our Candle Care page.