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Candles are warming, romantic, inspiring, relaxing, comforting, symbolic. Packaging should be a reflection of your image and the message you want to convey, and tins provide the perfect packaging for branding your story. Tins have a chameleon-like quality that few other packaging can boast: tins can transform from elegant to rustic and anything in-between.

Candle makers and fragrance packagers are faced with complex decisions. Selecting tins as your packaging solution can alleviate the stress of at least one of them. The tin container eliminates the worry over “wet spots” commonly found in glass container candles, and does not require a second pour.

  • Easily labeled or custom printed
  • Wide variety of tin sizes and shapes
  • Eliminate jars breaking in transit
  • Shipping costs are reduced because tins weigh less than other packaging options.

Allstate Can and Allcan West offers low minimum order requirements on our brushed silver stock tins.