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Crafting Beauty Inc.


Francois Damide


561 7th Ave
New York, NY 10001


We offer a turnkey service to customers to create:

  1. Their signature fragrance: writing the brief, creating scent with our selected perfumers, till the final choice of the customer.
  2. To custom develop the packaging, including vessel, box, liner, accessories (lid or else), to custom decor each components to the liking of the customers.
  3. When the design and prototype are finalized and approved by customer, we provide a prototype.
  4. From the prototype, we start the burning test.
  5. And when the fragrance concentration are approved, we launch do the production, based on the customer’s needs. Our minimum is 500 units.
  6. We delivered the finished product to the customer, and then the customers sell it via its own distribution network, and the price and
    markup he wish to apply.