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Wax & Timber


Blake Meehan


(217) 925-5905


102 North Ave.
Dietrich, IL 62424


W&T is a domestic wood lid manufacturer with low lead times, low MOQ, comparable offshore pricing and customizable options.

Wax & Timber is the domestic manufacturing solution that US candle makers are seeking. Our prices remain comparable to our offshore competitors; however, we are able to beat their shipping costs and lead times without requiring large minimum order sizes. Not only are our products locally made but our lids are completely customizable by material, fit, finish, printing, and engraving.

Wax & Timber was founded by three brothers and a friend with a mission to create a business where customers can have a trusting relationship with their suppliers. We want our candle components to elevate the overall aesthetic and make it stand out from competitors within a highly saturated market.