Candle Scent Trends – Cocktails, Beer and Cannabis Scents Find a Market

Cocktail drink on night club.

As fancy handcrafted cocktails, wines, microbrews and legal “pot” shops become the new normal, we are seeing plenty of consumer trends following suit to these adult tastes. The increase in consumption of certain beverages such as Lemoncello, Moscow Mules, small batch whiskey, Sangria, and even sake, have crossed over from our taste buds to our sense of smell, which is arguably the strongest of all our senses. These popular flavors are finding their way into the market in the form of new products – including candle scents.

According to Psychology Today, “a number of behavioral studies have demonstrated that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of ‘being brought back in time’ than images.”*

For example, lighting a Cosmopolitan-scented candle is a great way to evoke the feeling of a festive or sophisticated evening without having to leave your house. We retain smells as memories of good times with friends over drinks or that wonderful whiskey enjoyed on a chilly night in Ireland. Scents have the unique ability to tie you back to a place and a time – a powerful incentive to re-capture special moments.

Another adult candle scent trend is cannabis – as either the smell of marijuana or a scent that can conceal the scent of marijuana. Recreational marijuana is currently legal in ten states, and 33 states allow use of marijuana for medical use. Some people simply love the smell and want to capture the aroma, while others might be using marijuana at home and do not want the smell to linger.  Either way, cannabis and hemp are trends that are making their way to the candle aisle.

The adult candle scent trend is certainly one to consider as candles continue to innovate to help create ambiance, evoke memories, reduce stress, or just light the way.