A Citronella Summer

Summer is the season of getting together. Whether it’s a barbecue, a picnic or a night out gazing at the stars — outdoors is the place to be. So long as you aren’t getting pestered by bugs. Which is why it is important to invest in citronella candles, use them correctly and make them part of your outdoor décor.  

What is citronella? 

Citronella is an oil that is derived from drying a grassy plant called Cymbopogon Nardus or lemongrass. This oil has been used for over 60 years as an all-natural insect repellant for outdoor spaces. When infused into candle wax, the citronella scent works to repel and mask the scent of humans, deterring insects such as mosquitoes, black flies and ticks. It’s important to use layers of repellents for your space and on your person, as these pests can carry malaria, Lyme and other diseases.   

How to use citronella candles? 

For citronella candles to be effective they need to be used properly. These candles must be burned in and around the area you want to repel insects. Read the manufacturer recommendation, as one candle may not be enough to cover a large area, and you may want to use multiple. If you are trying to repel insects over a large area, you may want to invest in larger, bucket-style citronella candles. Likewise, citronella candles must stay burning for them to be effective at repelling insects Alternatively, if you aren’t a fan of the citronella scent you can opt for candles that are infused with other plant-based oils that add more depth to the scent while achieving the same results.  

What else can citronella candles do?  

Citronella candles now come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, scents and containers. By opting for a variation of citronella candles, you can open yourself up to a plethora of options. Whether it be adding decorative hurricanes, putting them in lanterns around your space, or getting creative different candle vessels – citronella candles can update your space, provide ambient light and fight off insects.