Candles – A Great Way to set the Mood & Engage the ‎Senses

With Valentine’s Day approaching and life still not back to normal, we are all looking for inspiration to make our celebratory moments as special as possible. While chocolate and flowers are always welcome, there is no better way to set a mood and engage the senses (sight, sound and smell!) than candles. 

Candles have enjoyed a surge in sales over the past year because of their ability to offer comfort, calm and relieve stress.  NCA spokesperson Kathy LaVanier, notes that overall U.S. candle sales have increased 30% since the pandemic. 

As you prepare for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, keep a few of these trends in mind when shopping online or in-store.

  • Soy Candles – Soy candles are rising in popularity for their simple ingredients and are perfect for the minimalist. Soy candles create both a smooth and visually-appealing burn. 
  • Wooden Wicks – If you don’t have an actual wood-burning fireplace to snuggle up to this Valentine’s Day, the ambient sound of a candle with a wooden wick crackling can do the trick! 
  • Food Scented Candles – Complete the night with some culinary aromatherapy. Food scented candles are a trend from 2020 expected to continue this year. Keep a sweet peach-scented or comforting sugar cookie candle burning to create a comforting atmosphere.
  • Destination Candles – Many are missing travel to see family, friends and vacation spots.  Candles that offer the scents (and a sense) of home or favorite vacation spots are trending and can help to fill the void and bring a bit of cheer. 
  • Movie Night – Turn movie night from a visual interlude into a total experience by lighting candles with scents you’ve selected to go with each specific movie.  With new experiential opportunities limited by sheltering, don’t miss creating this one.

And please remember, NCA encourages everyone to use safe practices when burning candles this Valentine’s Day and every day. For additional information on candles and fire safety, visit our Fire Safety page.