Candles Light Up Our World and Fragrance Our Lives

Right now, not too much is normal anymore. With our kids either hybrid-learning or homeschooling, us working from home, restaurants working at half capacity, birthdays parties becoming drive-by events and political and racial unrest, it seems like there isn’t much to celebrate these days. However, this pandemic has taught us a few lessons that make our lives a little better. Spending time at home and having family dinners and game nights, enjoying the warm summer weather surrounded by a newly planted garden in your yard, having a glass of wine and a long phone call with a friend – these remind us to embrace the special moments that make our life meaningful.

So we ask you to join us in celebrating World Candle Month and the many ways that candles light up our world and fragrance our lives. All September, the National Candle Association wants you to celebrate the many ways a simple candle can improve our lives.

Improve Mood, Decrease Stress
The soft light and fragrance of a candle cannot only reduce stress, but can actually help us improve our mood. “Scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance,” says Theresa Molnar, Executive Director of the Sense of Smell Institute. Fragrances inhaled go to the brain where the neurological effect can alter mood. So light a candle and celebrate all you have overcome in the last few months.

Help Us Transition from Day to Night
The first day of autumn is September 22, and with this comes shorter days and more hours of darkness. As many of us are spending more time at home, this is a great way to celebrate the change of season and light a candle. When the kids finish with homeschooling, you have logged off your last virtual meeting for the day; you begin to transition into evening. It is the perfect time to light a candle and set the mood for the evening.

Remind Us of People and Places
Many of us have not been able to see family and loved ones. We did not go on vacation this year. Couples have had to cancel their weddings and birthdays have turned into another excuse for a Zoom cocktail hour. Nothing seems the same, and sometimes we are all feeling a bit lonely. However, our sense of smell is one of our strongest connections to memories. So light the strawberry shortcake candle that reminds you of your grandmother’s kitchen and enjoy that candle you bought on Royal in New Orleans. Remember the smells and memories of those cherished times.

Help Us Celebrate
From birthday cake to religious celebrations, candles are a part of the important moments in our lives. However, we do not always need a milestone to celebrate. Lighting a candle at night can create a festive mood, provide additional light to your evening outdoors or take an ordinary dinner and turn it into a party. Make the most of the little moments, as these are the daily milestones of our lives.