Glow Your Way Through 2019: A Sneak Peek at Rising Candle Trends

From customizing packaging to diversifying scents, the candle industry is constantly evolving and expanding to keep up with the desires and preferences of consumers.

The National Candle Association is here to keep you in the loop on the hottest home décor and fragrance trends to watch out for in 2019, with expert insight from NCA member company Symrise and the Pantone Color Institute:

Create an Experience

When it comes to purchasing decisions, Symrise notes that consumers are seeking products that convey a meaningful experience and evoke specific feelings. As interactive products and pop-up experiences continue to grow in popularity, candles are also adapting to this experience-centric trend by tapping into consumers’ emotions.

Memory-inducing scents like Florida Sunshine and Mountain Lounge are on the rise.

Fragrance also joins forces with color and emerges as an emotionally powerful duo, offering a sense of personality and comfort in the home.

Here are popular home colors to keep an eye out for in 2019, with corresponding scents:

• White: Powdery, fresh, vanilla

• Brown: Woody, oriental, caramel

• Green: Aromatic, fruity, gourmand

• Blue: Floral, ocean, blueberry

• Pink: Citrus, flower essence, spun sugar

• Red: Spicy, bold floral, intense fruit

• Yellow: Tangy, tropical, lemon notes

Make a Statement

Pantone emphasizes an increase in decorative accessories making bold statements – and that includes your candle holders.

With iridescence as one of the latest design trends for 2019, metallic candle containers continue to grow in popularity. Other statement-seeking components of candle containers include strong and weighty shapes, along with intricate patterns.

Living Coral, the recently-announced 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, also serves to add a dramatic pop of color to rooms in the home, and is expected to be incorporated into candle packaging.

Connect with Nature

In the New Year, Pantone projects an enhanced connection between home décor like candles to nature and feelings of warmth. This can be seen through scents like Tomato VineMahogany Teakwood or through decorative accessories such as birch bark wrapped candles.

Flesh tones and neutral shades also help convey a humanizing warmth in the home. Porcelain candle holders and tan taper candles can help contribute to this atmosphere.

Focus on Sustainability

As consumers desire a deeper connection to nature, they also prefer to support sustainable products and companies. According to Nielsen, 66 percent of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, and a full 73 percent of millennials (consumers born between 1977 and 1995) are willing to pay more.

Some candle companies have incorporated sustainability in their products through utilizing recycled materials, such as using the bottom of old wine bottles as candle holder. Made using vessels, multi-functional candles are also growing in popularity. These candles can be repurposed for alternate uses once the candle is done.

Go for the Unusual

The shift toward atypical candle scents will continue in 2019, such as Off the Grill from Yankee Candle’s Gourmet Barbeque Collection.

Popular brands are also increasing the use of candles as a natural way to extend their influence and connect with fans. Examples like Veuve Cliquot Rose and even A.1 Steak Saucecandles are on the rise.

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