Webinar: How to be a More Sustainable Candle Brand

How to be a More Sustainable Candle Brand
October 25, 2023
11:00 AM Eastern

Sustainable products sales have grown 20% in the last decade as educated consumers make decisions to improve the quality of our lives and protect our ecosystem. During this webinar, makesy’s President, Charlotte Katona, will inspire you to discover changes you can make in operations, product development, supply chain and fulfillment and guide your company towards a sustainable future.

This webinar is for NCA members only.

Our Presenter

Charlotte Katona is the President of makesy, the world’s largest supplier for eco-friendly and elevated supplies for makers and candle brands. She also served as the NCA Communications Committee Chair for 4+ years. She resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and two daughters. Sustainability is a core value at makesy and we are excited to inspire, educate, and ideate with each of you on how you can make your candle or manufacturing businesses more sustainable with practical, actionable applications.