3 Ways to Welcome Hygee Into Your Home

It’s no secret that most of us lead busy lives. Amidst our packed schedules and impending deadlines, it can be difficult to remind ourselves to take a breather for some quality self-care.

That’s where hygge comes in.

Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this concept describes a feeling of cozy satisfaction and well-being through embracing the simple things in life. Hygge was created by the Danish in the 18th century, and has evolved into an international movement. While commonly associated with winter, the practice is meant to be enjoyed year-round.

Along with promoting a sense of comfort and safety, hygge has been linked to various emotional and physical benefits. These include increased optimism, reductions in stress, and improved sleep patterns.

Ready to shift your focus from stress to simplicity? Keep reading for some easy ways to practice this wellness trend at home:

Create a cozy atmosphere

Hygge décor is all about coziness, so snag a few fluffy pillows and soft blankets for some serious unwinding. A comfy nook is a great way to set aside space for peaceful activities, such as reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea.

Scented candles can also help accompany this uplifting atmosphere. Research finds that a pleasant scent can elevate the mood by as much as 40%.

Try integrating seasonal scents such as Apple Cider or Spiced Pumpkin into your home.  Scents like lavender and jasmine can also complement the ambiance, as these aromas have been linked to improved relaxation and stress reduction.

Curl up by the fire

The sounds of a flickering fire can be particularly effective in creating a sense of warmth and comfort in your home.

No fireplace? No problem! Wooden candle wicks give off a soothing crackling sound, just like a fireplace or campfire. By clustering candles of different sizes and shapes into individual glass votives and grouping them together, you can also create a similar look of a fireplace.

Let there be light

Warm, soft white light is an essential component of creating a sense of hygge in the living space. This creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, in contrast to the harsh effect of bright white bulbs or fluorescent lighting.

Rather than using overhead lights that can be overly bright for the space, try using floor and table lamps. Candles are another great way to emit a warm glow, offering a relaxing and inviting ambiance for both solo time and socializing. Just make sure that all candles are placed up high and kept out of reach of children and pets.

With these simple tips, your home will be hygge-friendly and extra inviting. For more on candle care and best practices, check out our foolproof guide.