Candle Trend: Fall Scents & Vintage Candle Holders

Fall is one of our favorite seasons – from apple picking, to sweater weather, to leaves changing colors and much more, there are so many reasons why we love fall. But the most important reason we love fall is the fragrant candles filling our homes and personal décor. Pair the beautiful aromas with our recent obsession – vintage candle holders – and you’ll have the perfect complement to enhance the warmth and comfort of fall. Elevate your scents with updated fall aromas that include black ginger, persimmon, chai, cedarwood, Cuban cigar or leather. Then, add a vintage candle holder and voila, the candles are the perfect décor accent in any room. Look for candles in different sizes, shapes (there are bold designs outside the standard pillar candle), textures and weights. Variation will provide depth and a curated look to your fall décor.

Vintage Vibes
People are loving the mid-century aesthetics right now, especially when it comes to home furnishing. The younger generations are gravitating towards by gone eras that have fresh appeal and “new” options. Perhaps seeking to understand the past or being enamored by something so different than what they are accustomed to plays a part in this new trend appeal. Vintage items are unique and offer a timeless sense of identity to a room, especially when paired with the magic of candles. Keep your eyes out for vintage candle holders that reflect your tastes and provide a distinctive touch to your décor this year. You can get creative and group several items together or simply find that one fantastic piece you love.

A hunt for the “New”
Hunting for vintage furnishing items is a trend we are backing up. Gen Z and millennials are rummaging through antique shops, flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales for the perfect find that offers something “new“ to their décor while connecting to the vintage trend in their home. The time spent in the thrift store or antique shop hunt becomes a social experience enjoyed with friends. The trill of “the hunt”! It’s a match made in heaven when you’ve found that perfect 1950’s vintage candle holder to go with your wood-scented fall candle that results in a moody illumination to your space. Alternatively, vintage candle holders can be found in the digital space through eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace so the options are endless.

Whether it’s to accent your carved pumpkins, Thanksgiving dinner table or holiday decorations, why not add a vintage touch from the past to your candle display? As you transform your house with seasonal décor, make certain you do not place candles next to flammable materials. NCA encourages everyone to practice safety tips when burning candles, no matter the occasion. For additional information on candles and fire safety, visit our Fire Safety page.

Happy fragrant fall!