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Arthur Weissbach GmbH


Bellingerstrasse 14
D-36043, Fulda


Arthur Weissbach GmbH is one of the world’s leading machine suppliers for the production and packaging of candles and waxy products.

Since 1924 we have been developing and building machines and production lines to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Based in Fulda, Germany, we can offer solutions for almost every candle shape and output, whereby our strength is in the development and adaptation to individual customer needs. On all five continents our products have a high reputation.

In recent years, we have become specialists for scented candles in jars. We build wicking machines for outputs of 500 – 8,000 wicks per hour. We also have special filling technology for the very precise filling of wax and the exact mixing of fragrances. We also supply the technology around for a complete production line.