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Lisa Anderson


California, USA


My name is Lisa and I am the sole proprietor of Bougie Napa, born in Spring of 2021. I am the chandler (candle maker) and creator of Bougie Napa, but my husband Larry is the backbone/photographer/website builder/grunt and all around nice guy who backs me up!  We are both animal lovers, plain and simple. In 2009 Larry retired after a long, fulfilling career as a firefighter. We sold our house, gave away our belongings, purchased a sailboat and began a journey on the high seas, eventually returning to a “normal” life in 2015, settling in the beautiful Napa Valley. Fast forward into Spring of 2020, when in spite of losing my job due to the Covid virus, we were still floating on a natural high after just having successfully rescued and relocated a Spider Monkey that I had seen as we were sailing through Mexico in 2010 and had been caged and alone for approximately 30 years!  The story is really interesting and long, but what it made us realize was that we are happiest and most fulfilled when we are helping those without a voice. It makes our life worth living. Unfortunately, as we found out with Chacho the monkey, it takes money to pull off incredible endeavors and we are not independently wealthy – hence the birth of Bougie Napa. It was brought to my attention as I participated in the Vegan Teen Summit hosted by Charlies Acres Farm Sanctuary in Sonoma where I volunteer at, that quite often people who are passionate about a cause figure out a way to support themselves doing something they love, therefore freeing them up to be able to put their energy into something meaningful for them.  Well, I love candles and burn one almost everyday, so why not create what I love and in turn give back to a cause that I love?  That is why every month, a portion of our proceeds goes towards 3 different animal charities; Charlies Acres Farm Sanctuary located in Sonoma CA, Osa Wildlife Sanctuary located in Costa Rica, and Akumal Monkey Sanctuary located in Mexico (yes, we actually pay monkey support for “Chacho”).  Thank you to our customers!  Bougie Napa is honored to be able to give back in a small way, hoping to make the world a tiny bit better 🙂