research-1Research Studies

2007 — Analysis of Emissions from Paraffin, Soy, Palm, Beeswax and Stearin Candles.

2007 Okometric Study Summary (pdf)

1999 — Analysis of Emissions from Heavily Fragranced Candles

English translation (courtesy National Candle Association): 1999 Okometric Study (pdf)

1997 — Analysis of Emissions from Fragranced Candles

English translation (combined Parts 1 & 2). Courtesy National Candle Association: Okometric 97 Study (pdf)

1994 – Analysis and Risk Assessment of Raw Materials and Emissions from Paraffin, Beeswax and Stearin Candles.

English translation (courtesy National Candle Association): Translation Schwind et al 1994 (pdf)

General Candle Studies

Characterization of Fine Particle Emissions from Burning Church Candles.

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Characterization of Candle Flames (Free Access)

The Quality Candle

German version: Die Qualitaetskerze (pdf)
English version: Matthaei Petereit 2004 The Quality Candle (pdf)