NCA’s Report on Botanical Candles

National Candle Association Determines Botanical Embedded Candles Can Be Fire Hazard

The National Candle Association (NCA) has become aware of a growing number of candles on the market that contain flammable materials including dried flowers, leaves, herbs, and wood embedded in the wax near the flame (this concern does not include non-flammable items like metal and stone). Unlike the long-standing style of candle that has elements embedded around the outside in wax that safely remains solid throughout the life of the candle thus shielding the embedded elements from the flame and heat, these candles do not. This new style of embellished candle allows decorative elements to become part of the liquid wax pool when the candle is burned. This exposes these flammable materials to both the candle’s heat and flame throughout the candle’s use while also coating them in wax, allowing the materials to sustain flame themselves. NCA purchased several candles and had them tested according to the ASTM Candle Fire Safety Procedures at an independent third-party safety testing laboratory. The results are provided here.

2022 Botanical Test Report (pdf)